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Last modification: December 12th 2015
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opsom Introduction:

We believe that the apostolic journeys of the apostle Paul will only become understandable after studying where he exactly went. Therefore we decided to create a biblical board game in which each player has to follow the footsteps of Paul’s apostolic journeys in order to become the winner of the game.
This game is played with the Bible, 1 die and 4 pawns per player from another board game.


opsom Aim:

The aim is simple: players compete on leading their four pawns out of their home circle, around each travel map of the whole board and back into the home circle. In the process they chase each other by sending the pawns of another player back to the home circle. Each pawn of a player has to complete an apostolic journey before the next pawn can start the next journey.
Comments and critique on the board game are welcome and may lead to a modified travel map or modified game instructions.

Adobe Acrobat Reader is required to print the pre-marked surface or "board" of the board game. If you do not have Adobe Acrobat Reader, you may download it here

It's important to print the "board" of the board game on white cardboard of A2 paper size. The A2 size print measures 42.0 x 59.4cm or 16.53 x 23.39 inches.
For the "board" of the board game in a PDF file, click on: "BOARD" OF THE BOARD GAME (IN PDF)
For the "board" of the board game in a JPG file, click on: "BOARD" OF THE BOARD GAME (IN JPG)

opsom How to play?

For the game rules and the tasks for the squares with a dark blue number, click on: RULES OF THE BOARD GAME
The game rules and the tasks for the squares fit on a double-sided white paper of A4 size.

A square with a dark blue number is a square with a task. The player who reaches such a square has to read up loud the place belonging to the square and afterwards follow its task. Regarding the reading of Bible passages, the players could decide to read only the verse(s) between brackets.

The first roll is to decide the order of playing. The player with the highest score starts first. The other players follow in counter-clockwise direction.

With a roll of 6, the player has to ask a Bible question from an epistle of the apostle Paul. The player could for example leave a word out of a Bible verse, ask for the exact location of a Bible verse, etc. The one who knows the answer, has a bonus roll. If no one knows the answer, the bonus roll is for the player with the role of 6.
If ever three 6's are rolled in a row by the same player, the pawn has to return to the home circle.

When a pawn lands on a square with a pawn of another player, it sends the other pawn back to its home circle, and advances 10 squares. This rule does not apply if the pawn lands on a square with a task. In that case the task has to be done.

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