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Last modification: December 1st 2014

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Below you will find e-mail addresses of believers in the gospel of the grace of God and who are based in Europe.
The aim of this is to let interested persons communicate with someone who knows the gospel of the grace of God and also to promote the communication between grace bible believers who live in the same area or who are visiting a certain area. For a directory of grace churches all over the world please consult Grace Church Directory.

Note that all e-mail addresses are only listed for personal sharing. So please do not use the addresses to send unsolicited or "spam" mail for general or advertising purposes.

If you would like to be included in this list, inform us about your e-mail address, the province and the country where you are based and the languages you speak. Also please inform if you know grace bible believers based in Europe and who are not listed here below so that we can contact them. Of course upon request of the believer his/her e-mail address will be deleted. is not responsible for the teachings of the grace bible believers listed here below. The only thing these believers have in common is that they want to rightly divide the Scriptures and follow the instructions of the apostle Paul in this dispensation of the grace of God. So there might be differences between them. Therefore it is important to examine the teachings of these believers truthfully by yourself like the believers in Berea did (Acts 17:11).


Portuguese flag  PORTUGAL

list-item Setúbal
E-mail address of Pastor Carlos Oliveira. Speaks English and Portuguese. Understands French and Spanish.


Slovakian flag  SLOVAKIA

list-item Bratislava
E-mail address of Mr. Tracy Lesan. Speaks English and Slovak. Can also communicate fluently with Czechs and quite well with other Slavic people (e.g. Polish, Ukrainian).


Spanish flag  SPAIN

list-item Málaga
E-mail address of Mr. Rob van der Zee. Speaks Dutch, English, Frisian, German and Spanish
E-mail address of Mrs. Teresa van der Zee. Speaks Cebuano, English and Filipino



list-item West Midlands
E-mail address of Pastor Barry Pumphrey. Speaks English

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