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Last modification: August 23rd 2017
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Below you will find links to websites (not the ones with copyright problems) and books where the grace gospel is being proclaimed in English. is not responsible for the contents of these websites and books.
Therefore it is important to examine these truthfully by yourself like the believers in Berea did (Acts 17:11)

Please inform if you know about websites which would like to be mentioned here below.

list-item   LINKS

American flag  United States of America

list-item Arizona
Website of West Valley Grace Fellowship. This non-denominational, fundamental, Bible believing church, located in Surprise, Arizona, (a suburb just west of Phoenix) welcomes all who have a desire to study God's Word, rightly divided.

list-item Colorado
Website of the Grace Gospel Publishers in Denver, Colorado. They are organized for the sole purpose of publishing, printing and distributing literature setting forth the distinctive Pauline revelation and the Word of God rightly divided. To this task, they are completely dedicated.

list-item Illinois
Website of Faith Bible Church, 560 E. Sauk Trail, Steger, IL 60475. Pastor Ricky Kurth has been the Pastor at Faith Bible Church for 38 years now (August 2017). His diligent and careful study of God's Word instructs and equips the saints to not only study the Word of God rightly divided but to apply it to their lives. Throughout the year, he is also asked to speak at various Conferences throughout the U.S. He also works at Berean Bible Society in Germantown, Wisconsin and is the current Editor of The Berean Searchlight.

list-item Indiana
Website of Things to Come Mission USA. This missionary organisation is dedicated to the task of worldwide evangelism through the methods of the apostle Paul.

list-item Michigan
Website of Bible Doctrines to Live By. Figuratively speaking, they have two hands: the right hand and the left. The right hand is their preaching ministry, Crossroads Crusades, and the left hand is their BDTLB Publication ministry. Since 1981, they have been "peddling" Christian literature in conjunction with their Crossroads Crusades.

list-item Minnesota
Website of Bible study teacher Gary Johnson of Bethesda Church Prior Lake. This website is designed to explain and defend a mid-Acts view of Scripture. It is Gary Johnson's desire to bring glory to God by giving us all a better understanding of His Word that ultimately will draw us closer to God and help us in becoming more Christ-like.

list-item Missouri
Website of St. Louis Theological Seminary and Bible College. Their purpose is to provide religious education and to train men and women for ministry service. It is also their mission to glorify and exalt the Lord Jesus Christ and to present the Word of God as our absolute authority in all matters of our Christian walk.

list-item Oklahoma
Website of Mr. Les Feldick. This Oklahoma rancher has been teaching home-style Bible classes for over 30 years.
Website "Wielding the Sword of the Spirit" of Mr. Matthew McGee. This member of the Body of Christ has detailed his beliefs in the many articles on his website and also in the Question and Answers section.

list-item Pennsylvania
Official website for GenerationNEXT. GenerationNEXT is a group devoted to the study of the Word of God, rightly divided, according to the revelation of the Mystery revealed to the Apostle Paul. Their group strives to create opportunities for the next generation to fellowship and meet other people of the same age and stage in life all across the country.

list-item South Dakota
Website of the publishing company of Pastor Joel Finck. It is their goal to provide books, audio and video messages and other Bible study materials which exalt the Lord Jesus Christ, proclaim the gospel of the grace of God, and promote the "right division" of Scripture.

list-item Virginia is a site that emphasizes Paulís "gospel of the grace of God" (Acts 20.24), that Christ died for our sins and rose from the dead (1 Corinthians 15.1-4). This passage clearly defines Paulís gospel which is the "power of salvation to everyone who believes" (Romans 1.16-17). The articles have been written to reveal Godís love and His wonderful salvation for all who will believe and to inform, encourage and strengthen believers in the Christian faith and life.

list-item Washington
Website of the Prison Mission Association. Prison Mission Association / Bible Correspondence Fellowship reaches out with the gospel of the grace of God through producing and sending dispensationally oriented Bible correspondence lessons to prisons around the United States and to dozens of countries around the world. These lessons are not limited only to prisoners but are also used by individuals and on several mission fields for evangelism and biblical training. Lessons may be taken interactively at the PMA website.

list-item Wisconsin
Website of the Berean Bible Institute in Slinger under the direction of Dr. Robert Nix.
Website of the Berean Bible Society in Germantown under the presidence of Pastor Paul M. Sadler.
Website of the Grace Bible Church in Bruce Wisconsin. This is an independent, non-denominational Christian church, located in Bruce, Wisconsin. Their main purpose is the salvation of precious souls and the edification of believers through the teaching of God's Word according to the gospel that was given to the Apostle Paul (Rom 16:25, Eph 3:1-9).
Website of Grace 4 You Ministries, Inc. This ministry was founded by Dr. Steve Shober, former director of Growing Up in Grace (Sunday School Program). The impetus behind this ministry lies in the absolute necessity to have free quality Bible study lessons available for high school students.


Philippines flag  Philippines

list-item Mindanao
Website of Grace Beyond Borders Ministries. Their purpose is to glorify God through His Son, Jesus Christ, the Head of the Church, in the power of the Holy Spirit. They accomplish this through the biblical means of evangelism, edification and exaltation.
Website of Things to Come Mission Philippines which is one of the most active evangelical arms of the THINGS TO COME MISSION INC., that shares the Word Of GOD RIGHTLY DIVIDED abiding to 2 Timothy 2:15.

list-item   BOOKS

Cornelius R. Stam

list-item Moses and Paul Contrasts Law and Grace and the two revelators, Moses and Paul, who were used of God to dispense these truths.
To order: Moses and Paul
list-item The Twofold Purpose of God For those who are new to the message of Grace. Effectively contrasts the two programs of God in relation to the incarnation, death, burial and resurrection of Christ.
To order: The Twofold Purpose of God.
list-item Things that differ Shows the perfect harmony between the changeless principles of God and His changing programs.
To order: Things that differ

Paul M. Sadler

list-item Exploring the Unsearchable Riches of Christ A comprehensive study in dispensational truth! Good for someone who is entangled in the web of tradition.
To order: Exploring the Unsearchable Riches of Christ

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