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Last modification: June 1st 2009
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opsom Introduction:

The game is very simple. You will see 24 cards which after starting will be mixed together and turned upside down. Click on a card in order to turn it over. You will then see a Bible text.
The next card you turn over should actually be a Bible text which precedes or follows it, or where to find it in the Bible.
If this is the case, both cards will disappear. If not, both cards will be turned upside down again.
The fewer cards you turn over to find the 12 pair of Bible texts from 12 letters of the apostle Paul, the fewer points you will get. And that is the challenge.

opsom Bible verses:

The Bible verses have been translated from the Greek ground text (Nestle version). Efforts have been made to make Bible verses legible and simple to understand.
Comments and critique on Bible verses are welcome and may lead to modified verses.

Before you start the game, you may read and study the Bible verses. You may also print them. Adobe Acrobat Reader is required to read the Bible verses. If you do not have Adobe Acrobat Reader, you may download it here

To read the Bible verses of the memory game, click on: READ BIBLE VERSES

opsom How to play?

Java is required to play and should be installed on your computer. If needed download Java here.

To start with a memory game, click on 'New' and the game begins. If you do not know how to finish, click on 'Show'. But you can not continue with the same game, so do not click too soon on 'Show'. If all cards have disappeared you will see a picture of God's creation and a compliment. Behind 'Counter' your score will be placed and the lowest score will be put behind 'Best'. To play again click on 'New', to stop on the little cross above right.

Three different levels are provided. Choose the level which suits you:


The easiest level shows 24 cards in 4 different colours to enable simple pairing of the Bible texts.

To play this level, click on: PLAY MEMORY GAME, LEVEL 1


The middle level shows 12 Bible texts and where to find them in the Bible.

To play this level, click on: PLAY MEMORY GAME, LEVEL 2


The most difficult level show 24 cards in only 1 colour.

To play this level, click on: PLAY MEMORY GAME, LEVEL 3

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