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We strongly believe in the importance of friendship between single Grace Believers, in order to encourage each other to stand firm when it comes to rightly dividing God's Word. This encouragement is necessary because in many grace churches, the single grace believers are a minority and therefore the temptation is there to look for friendship outside the grace movement.

Below you will find links to the facebook accounts of single Grace Believers, who like to have friendship with other single Grace Believers. If you are a single Grace Believer, 18 years or older and listed here below, you can send a message to the person you like to be friends with. Mention in your message that you are also on the sub-menu of the single Grace Believers of

To be listed here below, please ask your Pastor to e-mail us (see here below for the e-mail details) with the following personal details:
            - the name of the church of your Pastor;
            - your gender;
            - your birth year bracket (...., 1965 - 1969; 1970 - 1974; 1975 - 1979, ....);
            - your link to the "About section" of your facebook account;
            - if you speak other languages than English;
            - the State/Region/Province and Country where you live;
            - since when are you saved from the penalty of sin (eternal death) through your personal faith in the death,
              burial and resurrection of Jesus Christ; and when did you come to understand the separate ministry of the
              apostle Paul;
            - your e-mail address (for our administration use only - it will not be shown on the sub-menu). is not responsible for the personal information and the spiritual maturity of these single Grace Believers. Therefore, it is important to be cautious in accepting a friend request.

Please inform other single Grace Believers who might want to be listed here below.



Philippines flag  Philippines

list-item 1985-1989
Speaks also Bahasa Indonesia, Cebuano, Filipino and Portuguese.
DAVAO DEL SUR, January 14th 2014
            I trusted the Lord Jesus Christ as Lord And Savior at the age of 5, been interested in the Grace Doctrine since then, I understood about the difference with Paul's message from the Judeo Christianity at my High School years. Now I'm devoted to sharing the Gospel to unbelievers and teaching doctrine to young believers.


American flag   United States of America

list-item 1980-1984!/loser231/about
ILLINOIS, September 6th 2013
            I was baptized in the Catholic Church. I was taught about God, Jesus Christ dying. Our father prayer, pray before and when I woke up. My faith only gotten strong as time went on; I became a Grace Believer when I was fifteen I went through a dramatic stage.
             I had back surgery when I was fifteen. The doctors had to rotate my rib cage. Surgery went okay. After surgery both of my lungs deflated. My lungs were compact together my whole life, well when the doctors rotated my rib cage my lungs went into a panic attack. The doctors called it a pneumothorax. The lungs couldn’t handle the pressure or air. The doctor could not bring my lungs to a 100 percent, the doctors only brought up my lungs to 80 percent. I was but on life support. I finally woke up to a bright light, instead I could not talk. I had a vesper down my throat on the side of me. The life support, I suffered a short case of anemia. I didn’t know where I was, who I was, who my family was and why I was in a hospital bed. I prayed to God, to heal me, help me with my memory. My parents had a priest come and a hospital priest come by my bed. Give my last rights over my body. No one knew if I was going to make it. I was weak. The doctor said I was a 10-90 percent, they did everything they could. Only the prayers and me praying and crying to make me strong. I do not remember a lot, I was in a weaken stage. In a coma, and life support, only time would tell. I always went to church, confession, communion and CCD.
             Well as time went on, God was there for me. The anemia went away, and life support unplugged here I stand a male 29 years old. I meet my ex fiancé, she brought me to the Lord. In 2002 I shuffled a small heat attack; it was the lungs, the air pressure from working in the produce department going from different climax hot, cool and cold. I had to move back home. My prayers were answered, I am not healthy but I am closes to my family. When I suffered the heart attacked, I lived by myself four hours away from family. I quit my job because of it. I moved back in with my parents.
             Ministry under Paul, the more I studied and going to Berean Bible Institute, being saved, and talking to good Christian family who believed in the same thing as I did. Who talked to me about the Lord. The Marcukaitis family told me to believe with all my heart and soul. Apostle Paul was a chosen by Jesus Christ to tell everyone about Jesus Christ plan.



Philippines flag  Philippines

list-item 1985-1989
Speaks also Cebuano and Filipino.
DAVAO DEL NORTE, September 19th 2013
            I understand the grace teachings during my adolescence stage and I understand salvation at the age of 16.


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