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In the videos here below you will be able to see great messages about how and why to rightly divide God's Word. received permission to promote these videos.

Thanks to easy internet access nowadays, videos can be a great Bible study tool to see by yourself and to show to family, friends and at church. Please inform if you would know about a great rightly dividing the Word of Truth video which is not listed here below. is not responsible for the contents of these videos.
Therefore, it is important to examine these truthfully by yourself like the believers in Berea did (Acts 17:11).


1. What it means to be a Grace Believer by Pastor Paul M. Sadler - 7 videos
(from the Berean Bible Society in the United States of America)

Message 1: What we believe - go to PLAYLIST 1/7 in the upper left corner.
While many today use the word "grace" freely, they are usually using it in relation to salvation. While the gospel of the grace of God includes salvation, it is much more encompassing as we will see in this series of messages.

Message 2: The key to understanding the Scriptures - go to PLAYLIST 2/7 in the upper left corner.
In 2 Timothy 2:15, the Apostle Paul writes, "Study to shew thyself approved unto God, a workman that needeth not to be ashamed, rightly dividing the word of truth." Note how the Apostle begins: He states to study, not to merely read, the Scriptures.

Message 3: God's major division in His Word - go to PLAYLIST 3/7 in the upper left corner.
Where has God placed the major division in His Word? Of course, many believe it's between the Old and the New Testament, but here we must be careful that we are not following the traditions of men. We want to be Bereans and study whether these things be so.

Message 4: The two programs of God - go to PLAYLIST 4/7 in the upper left corner.
God is immutable -- He is unchanging in regard to His attributes. However, God does change His dealings with mankind from time to time as we will see in this lesson.

Message 5: The two ministries of Christ (part 1) - go to PLAYLIST 5/7 in the upper left corner.
This lesson gives a contrast between the earthly and the heavenly ministries of the Lord Jesus Christ. Matthew, Mark, Luke and John present the earthly ministry of Christ, but when we turn to Paul's epistles we are introduced to the heavenly ministry of Christ.

Message 6: The two ministries of Christ (part 2) - go to PLAYLIST 6/7 in the upper left corner.
We must understand that the Lord ministered under the dispensation of the law during His earthly ministry to Israel. But when we move on to the heavenly ministry of Christ that was delivered to the Apostle Paul, we are introduced to a new dispensation -- the dispensation of the grace of God.

Message 7: The future return of Christ - go to PLAYLIST 7/7 in the upper left corner.
Not only will Christ return for the Church, which is His body (commonly known as the Rapture), He is also coming again to deliver Israel from the hand of her enemies and from the antichrist.

To order the 7 messages on 2 DVDs, click on: DVD: What It Means to Be a Grace Believer


2. Q and A Series by Pastor Ricky Kurth, FAQ at the Berean Bible Society in the United States of America

Message 1: The Most Important Question in the World - go to PLAYLIST 1/.. in the upper left corner.
Pastor Kurth begins a series about frequently asked questions from his role as Berean Bible Society editor. In this Q & A, he addresses the question 'What must I do to be saved?' along with questions like 'Do I have to pray the sinner's prayer?' and 'Do I have to make the Lord, Lord of my life?'

Message 2: Questions About the Most Important Question of All - go to PLAYLIST 2/.. in the upper left corner.
Pastor Kurth of BBS gives a message about Questions on Salvation. Questions include, "Is John 3:16 an appropriate Pauline verse for Salvation?", "Are members of the Body of Christ 'born again'?", and "Are children who pass away destined for Heaven?"

Message 3: To Observe or Not to Observe, That is the Question - go to PLAYLIST 3/.. in the upper left corner.
Pastor Kurth gives a message from Romans 14:1-6 about common questions regarding whether to observe Christmas. Dates surrounding the miracle of the virgin conception and the birth of John the Baptist and Christ Jesus our Lord is also shown through the bible by verse.

Message 4: Were Men Always Saved By Faith Alone - go to PLAYLIST 4/.. in the upper left corner.
BBS editor and Pastor of Faith Bible Church Ricky Kurth continues his series inspired by years of questions he has answered through the Berean Bible Society. In this message he shows the requirements for salvation in other ages besides the dispensation of grace.

Message 5: Is It Possible To Lose Your Salvation - go to PLAYLIST 5/.. in the upper left corner.
Berean Bible Searchlight editor Ricky Kurth gives begins to answer questions on eternal security tackling passages that are often questioned from people worried that they can lose their salvation.

Message 6: Pauline Verses That Seem To Say You Can Lose Your Salvation - go to PLAYLIST 6/.. in the upper left corner.
In this message Pastor Ricky Kurth goes through verses in our apostle Paul's letters that on the surface may sound like they are saying a person can lose his or her salvation.

Message 7: More Pauline Verses That Seem To Say You Can Lose Your Salvation - go to PLAYLIST 7/.. in the upper left corner.
Pastor Ricky Kurth of Faith Bible Church continues his FAQ series speaking about the believers striving to attain that which God already has given us by His resurrection, righteousness in Him. He also preaches about Christ presenting the believer at the Judgement seat.

Message 8: Verses People Use to Dispute the Grace Message - go to PLAYLIST 8/.. in the upper left corner.
Pastor Kurth talks about Paul's distinctive message given to him by Jesus Christ directly that was a mystery to the prophets but is in accordance with events that were predicted throughout the ages. Pastor Kurth goes through several passages to explain how that works even in passages disputers use.

Message 9: Why Don't We Practice Water Baptism - go to PLAYLIST 9/.. in the upper left corner.
Pastor Kurth gives a message about Grace believers understanding of God's Gift alone provides salvation for believers, not in works by religious traditions. Pastor Ricky Kurth then shows how baptism was valid for the 'times past' dispensation for the nation Israel which was to serve as priests. But in today's dispensation, religious ceremonies of Israel are types for understanding to today's believer, not to be practiced.

Message 10: Should We Follow Christ in Baptism? - go to PLAYLIST 10/.. in the upper left corner.
Pastor Kurth continues in a second part of why Grace Believers do not practice water baptism. He shows why the sinless Son of God himself suffered baptism to be identified. He then goes on to show the Spirit baptism for the believer in the dispensation of Grace.

Check regularly because all messages of this Q and A Series by Pastor Ricky Kurth will come out in a book.


3. Series on 2 Thessalonians by Pastor Ricky Kurth at Faith Bible Church in Steger (Illinois), United States of America

For the rest of the videos on 2 Thessalonians go to: home page on YouTube of Faith Bible Church


4. Series about foundational truths concerning the Will of God by Dave Stewart, Sunday School Teacher at Faith Bible Church in Steger (Illinois), United States of America

For part two, titled "Knowledge of the Truth, go to: Dave Stewart message 2 God's Will, Knowledge of the Truth

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